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service-icon Solar plant generation forecasts

Since 2002, we have developed a highly precise solar power forecasting service for photovoltaic and solar thermal plants, to minimize imbalance costs, or comply with regulatory requirements where needed.

Solar plants from all around the world are benefitting from our solar generation forecasts. Plant operators, electric utilities, TSO´s and energy traders rely on our expertise and experience to manage and optimize a variable energy source like solar power.

Key Features

  • 168h forecasts of solar power output
  • Prediction's uncertainty expressed by 10 and 90 percentiles
  • Clear and intuitive web interface with:
    • graphical display of forecast and recent observations
    • up-to-date record of the prediction's performance (observation vs forecast graphics)

Contact Us

Spain +34 914561001
China +86 13910616999
India +91 9819220584
+34 914561002