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service-icon Wind farm generation forecasts

Since 2002, we have developed a highly precise wind power forecasting service for wind farms, which is currently being used in 5 continents, to minimize imbalance costs, or comply with regulatory requirements.

Nowadays, thousands of wind power plants are benefitting from our wind generation forecasts. Plant operators, electric utilities, TSO´s and energy traders rely on our expertise and experience to manage and optimize a variable energy source like wind.

Key Features

  • 360h forecasts of power output
  • Hourly updates
  • Customizable delivery format
  • User-friendly web interface with:
    • Graphical display of forecast and recent observations
    • Up-to-date record of the forecast's performance (observation vs forecast graphics)
    • Interactive availability display

Contact Us

Spain +34 914561001
China +86 13910616999
India +91 9819220584
+34 914561002