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Wind and solar power forecasts for renewable assets

We provide forecasting services for wind and solar farms all over the world since 2004. High accuracy, fast implementation, low data requirements and extreme reliability are the main drivers of our success. Our wide experience and continuous R&D efforts put us on the cutting edge of our industry.

What you get

  • A site specific and accurate power forecast for each asset in order to reduce imbalance costs and penalties.
  • Ready-to-use data, integrating latest updates from major NWP models, real-time production, asset availability and optimized calibration based on historical power generation data.
  • Flexible output in terms of granularity, range, update frequency and format in order to meet market and authorities requirements.

Power and gas markets fundamentals for energy trading

Over 200 power and gas traders operating in European, North American and Asian Pacific markets benefit from our short, medium and long range forecasts for a variety of weather-driven variables.

What you get

  • Forecasts for Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydro Power, Power Demand, Gas Demand, Temperature and Spot Prices by country, TSO/ISO zone, market area or node according to market rules.
  • Up-to-date multi-model, ensemble and probabilistic forecasts, providing in-depth view of physical and future markets.
  • Highly customizable and intuitive web platform (xTraders) for charts and maps display, performance analysis and data download.

Customized power demand/load forecasts

TSOs, utilities or energy suppliers need an accurate demand forecast in order to operate the grid or to optimize their power purchases. Since 2008, Meteologica has been developing a robust, self-teaching model, now tried and tested in five continents, capable of rapidly adapting to changes in consumption patterns.

What you get

  • Forecasts tailored to individual consumers, specific portfolios, areas or countries.
  • Embedded renewable generation automatically detected and integrated into the forecasts.
  • Ensemble model which generates demand scenarios up to 14 days ahead, quantifying uncertainty.

Site specific weather forecasts

A wide range of activities in the energy industry such as wind farms O&M, CCGT plants operation or portfolio consumption for energy suppliers are weather sensitive. We provide a high quality site specific forecast of the relevant weather variables for each business.

What you get

  • Weather variables such as wind speed, wind direction, wind gusts, precipitation, temperature, solar radiation, pressure, relative humidity, lightning strike probability.
  • Enhancement of global NWP models, adjusted to local conditions via effective downscaling.
  • User defined alerts based on probability thresholds or severe weather events.

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